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My online dispensary, where you can find all my favorite supplements, cleaning, beauty care products, and much more!


My favorite places in Boulder County:

Simply Bulk Market

I love this place and shop here for as much as I can! This is a bulk items market that has everything from granolas to grains to spices to household and beauty products. Bring your own containers and weigh them before shopping or use theirs.

418 Main Street
Longmont CO 80501


Nude Foods Market

Nude Foods Market delivers local, organic groceries, meals and household

products in zero-waste, reusable containers to your door by bicycle. (You can

also pick up if you're outside their delivery area.)

(720) 815-5588

**Patients of Dr. Lisa get 50% off the first order of any SUBSCRIPTION. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Be sure to ask Dr. Lisa for the coupon code!

Amazing practitioners:


Art Romance & Reality LLC, Longmont, CO

Bailey Barmettler

Somatic Sex Educator & Body-Worker

Reclaim your sexual quality of life through confidential &

client-centered sessions regarding sex, intimacy, trauma, & touch.


My Favorite Healthy Home Products:

ProOne water filters

Note: this is an affiliate link. Using this supports Rooted Naturopathy while also supporting your health!

Water Right Inc.

Safe, nontoxic polyurethane garden hoses. Free from lead, phthalates, BPAs, and PVC. Drinking water safe!

Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Fresh, raw meals that fit your cat's or dog's ancestral diet.

My Favorite Educational Resources:

Environmental Working Group:

GMO science:

Naturopathic Medicine Institute: The Vital Conversation

If you have a favorite resource that you think belongs on this page please send me an email to let me know!

Also please contact me if you're a practitioner that wants to connect.

Let's grow stronger as a community!

Art Romance & Reality
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