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Insurance: Dr. Lisa is credentialed with Aetna

Those with any other insurances are encouraged to pursue reimbursement. You will be provided a superbill after payment has been received. This superbill can be submitted to your insurance company. Reimbursement rates depend upon your insurance company's policies.

Note that Medicaid and Medicare will NOT reimburse for naturopathic care.

HSA and FSA: in most cases, visit fees and tests can be put through these accounts. Treatments do not tend to qualify.

Visit fees:

First visit 2 hours: $400

Comprehensive follow up: $200

Brief follow up: $100

Emergency consult: $55.00 for the first 15 minutes, and each additional 5 minutes is $15.00

Late cancellation (within 48 hours) or missed appointment: $55


Most blood work we order can be put through insurance and in most cases is approved.

Specialty testing such as salivary, urinary, stool or blood food sensitivity testing is not typically covered by insurance. The necessity of these tests will be discussed in detail and all decisions are made in collaboration between the patient and Dr. Lisa.


Treatments including supplements, botanicals, homeopathics, etc. are unlikely to be covered by insurance. Please expect monthly out of pocket costs of between $50 and $400

Higher costs arise in more severe illness and are NOT expected to continue long term. Our goal is to get you well and off of expensive treatments!

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