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About Dr. Lisa

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I am a registered naturopathic doctor in Colorado, but I offer care nationwide. I am passionate about helping people live their best lives. I have always been fascinated by how and why people live the way they do. This, along with a passion for cultures and travel, led me to get my BA in Cultural Anthropology at the State University of New York, New Paltz. I went on to get my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. As I began to work with patients, my passion for understanding the mind blossomed into my cornerstone. Now, I view working on mental health as inseparable from working on physical health.

I love mental health for many reasons. For one, it is the key to an enriched and joyous life. Even someone with a body overcome by dis-ease can live out their days in peace and happiness if they achieve the right perspective. Second, when we as individuals find that peace within ourselves, we radiate it out and contribute to a more beautiful world.

Third, is the mind-body connection. We are energetic beings, from the atomic particles that make up our cells, to the thoughts which reverberate within our minds. When you have a thought, its energetic frequency is transmitted throughout the body, culminating into the hormones and neurotransmitters which impact each and every system in the body. When we are at peace, having thoughts which build us up, it translates into a healthful vibration which supports our internal balance, a homeostasis. When we have thoughts which tear us down, the frequency mucks up our body's systems, turning mental stress into physical stress. So often patients see innumerable doctors, all working on the physical plane with brilliant treatments, and yet the patient remains ill. Then, when they begin to work on the mental-emotional plane, emotional blockages are cleared, body systems are able to function optimally again, and the true healing begins. This bridge between the mental and the physical is where I love to work with my patients.

My Story: The Tree of Life

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Myrtle Beach, five years after diagnosis, feeling great

After receiving my BA, I returned home to Long Island to be with my father living with a new diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer, which only has a five year survival rate of 5%. My father, Doug, was utterly inspiring, not allowing his diagnosis to define him. He changed his life completely and began eating a whole foods, plant based diet, exercising, sauna sweating, and gave up a tremendous amount of stress he had carried. Over the next two years, I saw my dad get healthier, not sicker, until the doctors declared him in remission. During this time I discovered naturopathic medicine, and decided I would learn this healing art so that I could help people beat the odds as my father had.

Then, his younger sister got pancreatic cancer too. My dad poured his heart into supporting her healing, but her journey was different than his, and she left us one year later. My dad had a tree of life pendant made in memory of his sister and wore it everyday. This pendant was the inspiration for my logo. I truly believe that, after his first diagnosis, his ability to renew his joy and love of life played a major impact on his healing. And I also believe that his sister's passing was just too much for his heart, because one month later his cancer returned. He fought this second round with all he had in him, but his heart had been broken, and a year and a half later he moved on to be with his sister.


We enjoyed seven years with my dad after his original diagnosis, astonishing his oncology team. His remission was not spontaneous, it was a direct result of the health promoting changes he made in his life. The return of his cancer was also not spontaneous, but was in direct correlation with the deep love he had for his sister, and the loss he felt. They are both now my angels, lovingly watching over me as I do my work in this life.

In loving memory of Doug Pomerantz and Ferne Negrin Pomerantz

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